Ryan Hurd

About Ryan Hurd

Hello, I’m Ryan Hurd. I study and teach theology, hoping to serve the church by equipping pastors and students with a deeper understanding of who God is. While I have sought to do this by writing new books and translating old ones for some time, I now have the additional privilege of joining the ranks of the Davenant Institute’s teaching fellows. Here’s a bit about what that means and the opportunities it presents.

The Davenant Institute exists to retrieve the riches of classical Protestantism for the good of the church today. Over the past several years, Davenant has steadily developed unique, effective ways of communicating its message via strategic publications, teaching, and discipleship programs. It has worked toward the goal of building up God’s people into full-orbed, mature, and wise Christians. By foregrounding the best of the Protestant spirit, in its real depth and body, the scholars and mentors at the Davenant Institute are faithfully helping the church to navigate the contemporary intellectual and moral issues of our day.

By partnering with Davenant as a teaching fellow, I get to use my unique gifts in teaching and research to further this mission. My area of expertise in theology is the doctrine of God, specifically the divine perfections and the Trinity. This may seem abstract, but confusion on these areas, while at times technical, really detracts from the daily life of knowing and loving God. In short, my life calling is to serve the church by helping God’s people know who He is more truly in these areas, with hopes that God will bless it.

In addition to translating significant Reformed theological texts, my work at Davenant involves developing and teaching courses on the doctrine of God. I’m driven to teach with Davenant to help pastors and seminary students further understand who God is, meaning I see these courses largely as a complement to seminary education. Given how much must be covered, most seminaries only have time to hit the main points of theology in broad strokes. For instance, my own seminary education (which I am very grateful for) spent only eight weeks on material I hope to spend two academic years teaching. I hope to serve and assist in the ongoing self-education of pastors and students, to give them an opportunity to further engage on the most life-shaping question of all: who is God? To this end, this year, I am teaching three courses: Essence and Attributes of God I and II and a spring elective. Next year, the tentative plan is to launch three more: Trinity I and II with another spring elective.

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the Lord and his church in these ways; it is a privilege and an honor that I do not take lightly. But I cannot undertake this task on my own. The church needs teachers, yes, but the church also needs those who support teaching. I’m looking for people who want the opportunity to share in the privilege of serving the Lord by financially supporting my work for the church. I would be honored if you seriously pray and consider whether you can support me. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me at ryanhurd87@gmail.com; I would be delighted to talk! In addition, if you know others who would join with me to enable and extend my work, please do share my ministry with them.

Ryan Hurd